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A Digital Pilgrimage – Based on the works of D.H. Lawrence

DH Lawrence Mr Muscle spoof product advertisement

Mr Muscle

“He could cook, he could sew, he could darn a stocking and milk a cow, he was an efficient woodcutter and a good hand at embroidery, fires always burned when he had laid them and a floor after he had scrubbed it was thoroughly clean.”


Aldous Huxley

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Artefact and words – James Walker
Artwork – Isaac Bosman

Mard Arse Museum

A model of neatness and precision

You wouldn’t find Lawrence locked in a garret, not unless he’d built it himself.

Scrubbing floor

Loves the jobs you hate

You don’t know your floor, until you have scrubbed it on your hands and knees.

Dinner plates

A roadmap to happiness

Absorb yourself completely in every task, no matter how mundane.

Transmission white noise

We are transmitters


When we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through us.

Lawrence's Alphabet

Dialect Alphabet

Lawrence’s Alphabet is rooted in Nottinghamshire’s distinct dialect. This handy reference will have you breezing through Lawrence’s works and might inspire you to create some of your own.

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Artefact – Jackie Greaves
Words – James Walker and Natalie Braber
Design – Paul Fillingham

Mard Arse Museum

Thar’t a Mard Arse

Dialect is Lawrence’s most precious gift to Eastwood and its community.

Rubber ducks

Mardy Ducks

Like Lawrence, dialects do not stand still. New words appear while others vanish.

East Midlands dialect map

Nottingham dialect

What is the Nottingham dialect and where does it come from?

Coal mine headstock

Lawrencian dialect

Lawrence uses mining terms from his background to indicate ‘Nottinghamness’.

Phoenix Phallus

Phallic Tenderness

Lawrence liked to place a phallus in his pictures to ‘shock people’s castrated social spirituality’. He did this out of a ‘positive belief that the phallus is a great sacred image: it represents a deep, deep life which has been denied in us, and is still denied.’

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Artefact and words – Stephen Alexander

Design – James Walker

Bridge to the future

Bridge to the future

The phallus connects two objects and brings them into touch, but not into oneness.

Phallic Art

Phallic Art

‘I paint no picture that won’t shock people’s castrated social spirituality.’

Phallic Consciousness

Phallic Consciousness

Beware those who intellectualise and falsify the phallic consciousness.


Phallic Epistemology

Thinking, writes Lawrence, should take place in the body and not the mind.

The Phallus is Not a Mere Member

Not a mere member

Contempt for the phallus betrays the great modern horror of being in touch.

Phallic Marriage

Phallic Marriage

Marriage has to be in harmony with the cosmos and the rhythmic passing of time.

Phallic power

Phallic Power

Power is a great productive network running through the social body.

Phallic God

Phallic God

Jesus on the Cross is, for Lawrence, a symbol of the murdered phallus.

Gynaecological deconstruction

Gynaecological Deconstruction

Celebrating woman as a metaphor for life conceived in terms of difference.

The Phallic Beast

St. Mawr: The Phallic Beast

Lawrence’s philosophy rests upon a notion of submission.

Fear of Castration

Fear of Castration

The fear of mankind is fear of the phallus itself, rather than fear of castration.

The sun

The ultimate phallic object

The sun is the supreme phallic object, rising and falling each day.

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